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Chani Birkner: The Quirks that made me who I am~

I started life as a quiet, shy, and sensitive child… eager to make friends and love those around me, but too timid to do more than observe unless I was around family. I was lucky enough to be born to two amazingly awesome parents… who despite their many perfections also had a great deal of quirks.

Quirk 1: They chose to have a large family. I am #2 of 10 children, although they experienced the tragedy of losing their first child as an infant, so I was their first child who they had the joys and terrors of raising into maturity. This odd quirk has created a family dynamic that is intensely unique. 9 children of differing skills, talents, personalities, and passions can be a chaotic and crazy boat to drive. And I was their Experimental Child. I was the First at everything: the first to walk, the first to talk, the first to say "NO!" and the first to enter the dreaded Teen Years. I personally think they did well. :)

Quirk 2: They are into Natural Health! My father is a Chiropractor and my mother is a Brain Language expert. So we were raised with lots of strange notions like: No unnatural oils (Butter is the best!!!) Getting "Attitude Adjustments" (on those crazy insane days were we fought like cats and dogs, dad would line us all up at the table and crack away.) Doing daily visualizations of Light, and affirmations. And finally experimenting with every health fad as it got enough traction behind it to be plausible. My dad wouldn't offer anything to his patients before we tried it first. (Once he refused to eat the skin of the potato, which is his favorite part… I think that lasted 2 weeks.)

Quirk 3: They love God. We were raised with the very literal belief that every person is beloved and precious to Him… including ourselves. They showed this in always putting Him before themselves. This meant that when I was grounded (because although I was the perfect child… I did come home once past curfew,) I wasn't home that entire week. We participated in our religious activities without fail, and that week I had something every day, from seminary, to a youth activity that involved going to an amusement park. Nothing made me believe my parents more than that experience.

Quirk 4: They chose to homeschool us. All 9 of us living children learned at the feet of my mother, and if there were questions she couldn't answer, she found mentors for us. We rotated curriculum regularly and even threw in a few private schools and co-ops over the years, but she was always 100% in control of making sure we were putting good information into our brains and gaining confidence in our own personal love of learning.

This crazy combination has created 9 very powerfully independent and opinionated children of every personality type and temperament.


I am obviously no longer shy. I am confident and comfortable both in those times when I quietly observe those around me and those times when I walk on stage to teach and motivate others. I also know how to laugh at myself while I am learning and growing.

I am a Wife, a Mother of 7, and a lover of all things Fantasy. I homeschool my children, and savor the quiet of bedtime. I love learning about myself, and all the amazing, fun, quirky people around me. I find it fascinating how absolutely unique and beloved each one is to me!


I am here to show you those tools that have allowed me and my family to be united and independently strong.