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Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Stay Happy Around Miserable People!

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Take your Shielding to the Next Level!

The Art of Shielding Online Course takes you step by step through learning to activate, communicate, and program your personal space, so that you can be confident in your own energy.

You can go from absorbing everyone's emotions, to confidently loving others and knowing their stuff is being healed... without you having to do a thing!

The beauty of this system is that it doesn't block you from others at all, but allows you to use your gifts to their fullest without harming yourself. 

Take back the control of your energy and personal space. Be free to walk among crowds, serve those who need you, and be at peace and whole at the same time!

➤ Section 1: Personal Space & The Connection Styles

Your brain processes millions of bits of data every second!

The sub-conscious mind is what tells your body, energy, and emotions how to react to all of that information. To become a Master of your Personal Space, you need to learn HOW to work with the sub-conscious mind and change it's responses.

Each person’s brain uses three Connection Styles to communicate with the world: Vision-Oriented, Mind-Focused, or Heart-Centered. Understanding this is vital to being in control of your Personal Space!

One of them is going to be easiest for you, I call that your Personal Connection Style!

In this section I cover:

How to recognize your Personal Connection Style: the way in which your mind naturally communicates and processes the world around you.

How using your Personal Connection Style allows you to communicate with your Sub-Concious brain to change how it handles information.

How to use that Personal Connection Style to access the Light and Energy around you and give it instructions.

How to move from one Connection Style to another as you increase in skill and confidence.

➤ Section 2: The Power of Light

Light provides us with information about the world around us!

Your brain is uniquely set up to receive and respond to all the frequencies of light... even if you can't see it. 

The reason I use Light is because your brain grasps the symbolism of it easily.

Each of the Connection Styles has a unique way of interacting with Light to manage and control your Personal Space!

Here we go deep into:

What Light is, and the symbolism is represents to the sub-conscious mind.

The difference between Personal Light, and Source Light... and how to use them properly.

The Power of Intention, and how to properly set-up your commands so your Sub-Concsious mind responds in the way you want it to.

How to Fill with Light and Ground yourself to create a closed-circuit, constantly flowing cycle of Light to support your Personal Space in a healthy manner.

➤ Section 3: Creating Your Shield

Using your Personal Connection Style and Light, now we go in-depth in creating a fully-functional energetic shield!

This shield trains your Sub-Conscious mind to respond in a healthy way to data and energy it picks up.  

This allows you to understand and still connect with those you love, without taking ownership of their emotions!

Not only will you be able to be around them, but you will train your energy and mind WHAT to do with their emotions in a way that can help them without it ruining your day.

Section 3 is all about:

Surrounding your personal space with Light in order to protect it.

Communicating with your External Energy and it’s Management System to create your shield.

Giving your shield structure and balance so it can operate according to your needs.

Adding further lines of defense to support you, including an Offensive Defense that works automatically, without you having to think about it.

➤ Section 4: Programming Your Shield

This is where the Art truly comes into Shielding!

This section helps you truly customize your shield and make it something unique to you.

Just like a computer, your shield can be programmed to do exactly what you need!

Every person has different situations, struggles, and desires... So I teach you how to have fun adding what will support you in your daily life!

I also teach you how to recognize when you need to add new instructions to your light and shield to improve it!

Here we walk through:

Customizing and programing your shield so that it is unique to your personal needs.

Using positive words and affirmations to gain clarity and focus in your shielding.

Creating programs specific for people, places, and frequencies so that you are truly in charge of your personal space.

Maintaining your shield and what it takes to reset it if it fails.

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