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The Empathic Inventory Series

Learn about the 3 kinds of Empaths, and what kinds of tools each one needs to thrive!

Here's a taste of what you get in this FREE series:

Learn what an Empath is and the different kinds of Empaths there are! And I will start you on your journey of building up your Empathic Inventory!

What is an Empathic Inventory?

Imagine you are about to embark on a Great Quest!

You pull out your backpack and put into it everything you will need to be successful on your journey. You put weapons, armor, food, maps, etc.

This backpack is your Inventory. 

As an Empath, to be able to accomplish your Quests in life, you need a well-stocked Inventory with the resources to help you on your journey.

Identify the 3 kinds of Empaths

To effectively use your Empathic Inventory, it must be stocked with tools that ACTUALLY WORK for YOU!

Learn why some tools and techniques you have tried in the past haven't worked for you when they worked great for others.

Being an Empath can be a joy!

Take control of your gift so that you can have all the benefits, without experiencing the pains!

Claim Who You Are

I give you the #1 tool I use when I am "not feeling like myself!" I show you how to modify it so that it works for you.

Learn how to help others, without hurting yourself!

Learn how to send the negativity away for healing, so it doesn't stick to you!