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Empathic Inventory Video 4

Learn how to use Light to help others...

and why Shielding is the Ultimate Empath's Tool!


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    The Art of Shielding Online Course takes you step by step through learning to activate, communicate, and program your personal space, so that you can be confident in your own energy.

    You can go from absorbing everyone's emotions, to confidently loving others and knowing their stuff is going to God... who can actually heal it. The beauty of this system is that it doesn't block you from others at all, but allows you to use your gifts to their fullest without harming yourself. 

    Take back the control of your energy and personal space. Be free to walk among crowds, serve those who need you, and be at peace and whole at the same time!

    Plus learn how I use Light to help others!

    Reason #1:

    You feel like life is a roller-coaster,

    riding up and down on the waves and influences coming from those around you.

    Reason #2:

    You steel yourself for work,

    even if work is staying home and caring for your beloved and draining children!

    Reason #3:

    You almost hold your breath

    as you walk through a crowd, and still feel your energy being taken away.

    Reason #4:

    You wish you could hide away

    and also truly connect to someone. It is a battle between Self-Preservation and Life-Enjoyment.

    After the very first module of the Art of Shielding, I was blown away! This has helped me immensely, not only in shielding but in every area of my life.

    My mood has lightened and I deal with life and anxiety better because I don't have the negativity.

    Your life will never be the same, once you learn how to shield.

    I am blessed to have found Chani and to have learned to Shield through her loving teaching throughout this course.

    Jaelle Kaylor - Notes On Parenting

    I love the Art of Shielding Course! Chani does a great job of describing both the HOW and WHY of shielding... and she does it in a way that is accessible and doable. 

    This information has significantly increased my ability to handle intense emotional situations and charged emotional people with grace and ease.

    I'm thrilled that I now can teach all of this to my children so that they can learn to protect themselves as well.”

    ToriAnn Perkey -Homeschool to Homeschool