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Personal Space Class: Video 4

Are you ready for my top 3 tips so you can Thrive with your new Shield?

(Did you miss the previous videos? Click Here to watch Video 3!)

During This Video, You'll Discover...

[Spoiler #1]

@ 00:49

Practice makes things automatic! 

If you want your shield to be as easy as breathing, you need to use it daily until it "clicks!"

[Spoiler #3]

@ 02:37

You can program your shield just like a computer! If your shield seems to be struggling, add to or change the instructions you have given it using your Connection Style!

[Spoiler #2]

@ 01:24 minutes

Continue communicating with your brain! It will use the shield to show you problems in your energy... learn to trust the process!

[Spoiler #4]

@ 03:32 minutes

If you are ready to skip years of trial and error in figuring out how to work with your energy, let me help you Master Your Shield!

Learn Everything about The True Shielding Method and how to join! 

This isn't about some Technique... It's about You!

You are the Hero in your own story. Up until now, you have allowed the emotions and energies of others to cause you distress, even harm!

You probably didn't even realize you were doing it.

I am here to show you how to take true ownership of how the unseen world of energy and emotion effect you. You CAN be 100% yourself in a whirlwind of chaos.

You really CAN walk through a crowd and leave just as full of energy as when you started.

You really CAN remain in a state of peace and confidence, even when visiting your Mother-In-Law!

What Our Students Say

These students went through each section of the course, and learned how to Master their Personal Space!

Read what they have to say:

I love the True Shielding Course! Chani does a great job of describing both the HOW and WHY of shielding... and she does it in a way that is accessible and doable. 

This information has significantly increased my ability to handle intense emotional situations and charged emotional people with grace and ease.

I'm thrilled that I now can teach all of this to my children so that they can learn to protect themselves as well.”


Homeschool Influencer

After the very first module of the True Shield, I was blown away! This has helped me immensely, not only in shielding but in every area of my life.

My mood has lightened and I deal with life and anxiety better because I don't have the negativity.

Your life will never be the same, once you learn how to shield.

I am blessed to have found Chani and to have learned to Shield through her loving teaching throughout this course.


Social Media Manager

The True Shielding Course provided me with beautiful imagery that helps me ground and protect myself through all of life's stressful and overwhelming moments.

It not only helps me protect myself, but my whole family. It has also helped me with anxiety, anger and unrealistic expectations I may have around or towards others. I can use it any time and anywhere and it fills me with peace and hope.


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Are you a "Give Me All The Details" Person? 

Everything You Need To Feel Confident And Energized Around Other People!

Take back control over your own reactions to the world around you, so you can be the calm in the storms of life.

The True Shielding Method Course

Gain the confidence and inner peace that comes from Mastering your Personal Space. The True Shielding Method brings your body, mind, and energy into sync, allowing you to interact with the outside world in a healthy and supportive way.

Bonus 1: Insider's Secrets

Leave no one behind!

Bring your Loved Ones peace by protecting their personal space also!

Learn when and how to help those around you.

You will also gain the skills to manage the energy of your home, work, and other areas of importance.

Bonus 2: Master Class

What if the True Shield stops working?

Learn how to identify the problems, and how to fix them in this class. 

There are quick, band-aid solutions to use in the middle of a crisis... AND you will do the deep inner work to reach the root of the problem. Allow your Shield to help you grow as a person!

Shielding Meditation MP3's

Daily Practice makes Shielding as easy as breathing.

Use the Shielding Meditation in your Personal Connection Style to instantly move into a Confident and Thriving State every day!

Keep it in your phone for easy access, so you can renew your shield at any time.

Lifetime Facebook Group

When we learn together, we lift each other! 

Gain insights from others who are using the True Shielding Method in their daily lives. Ask questions, post your triumphs, and get support from a great community!

Limited Time Bonus:

LIVE Monthly Group Coaching

Meet with me every month for a year to get real answers to your shielding struggles.

You can even submit your questions ahead of the session if you want it to be anonymous. 

This is where I help you truly customize your experience and learning. Be sure to come and participate!

I am ready! Sign Me Up!

Here's What You Get To Thrive Everywhere You Go:

  • The True Shielding Online Course (valued at $3,997)

  • Advanced Master Class (valued at $899)

  • Insider's Secrets for Shielding (valued at $899)

  • Insider's Secrets for Shielding (valued at $899)

  • 3 Shielding Meditations and PDF Guides (valued at $47)

  • Private Facebook Group for Inspiration and Knowledge (valued at $497)

  • Limited Time: 12 Months of LIVE Group Coaching! (valued at $1,200)

  • Total Value of the True Shielding Method Group Coaching Package is $7,706!

    Special Price Just For Today is ONLY $497

    Let's Get Started!
    I want to join today!

    We love hearing from our students!

    Learning how to shield is essential for empaths.

    I’ve recognized multiple times when I felt yucky then realized I hadn’t done any shielding and felt so much better once I do!

    I love the insights and information in the courses.

    JODEE M.

    Social Media Manager

    Chani is an amazing instructor.

    Her step by step shielding instructions has been a HUGE blessing for me and my family.

    Chani is so willing to share her knowledge with those around her. Thank you, Chani for your knowledge, thank you for sharing it with those around you.

    Holly T.

    Mother of 2