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Does Someone Else’s Bad Day Become Yours?

You do everything you can to be yourself, but it all goes out the window when that one person walks into the room!

The ability to be a beacon of hope and light to those around you may seem like a distant dream, but it isn’t something unreachable… in fact, it could take as little as 15 minutes from now for you to be that Rock!

Want to know the secret?

FREE Protecting Your Personal Space Class

What if you could THRIVE in your daily life around your family, friends, and work?

It’s simple. Discover your Connection Style. Find those tools that work for Your Unique Needs. 

Apply those tools bit by bit into your daily life. I have done it, and I continue to do it EVERY DAY!

I share real life, and support you in your journey over on my Facebook Page! Follow me there for daily insights, help, and humor.

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This is why I do what I do:

Chani is an amazing instructor. Her step by step shielding instructions has been a HUGE blessing for me and my family. Chani is so willing to share her knowledge with those around her. Thank you, Chani for your knowledge, thank you for sharing it with those around you.

Holly T. -Mom of 2

Chani Birkner is a very intuitive person. I've searched and worked with several talented professionals. After not finding solutions with them I wasn't sure I would ever discover what I was seeking. Chani was able to help me uncover ways to seek and find insights that lead to discoveries that I had previously given up on having in my life. She understands people and how to help them become what they want.

Brooke Hurdman-Resonance Studios

Chani has helped my family and I immensely! Always willing to help with mindset and share knowledge in shielding without judgment. Offers amazing advice in all areas of our lives. Always worthwhile information and help.

Mindy Banta-Mom of 3

YES! I want to learn too!


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Hi, I’m Chani (I pronounce it Shaw-nee, like the Native American Tribe!) Mom to a small army of humans who range from Teens to Toddlers, so I am still in the thick of motherhood. I am an extroverted introvert, and as a People-Loving Empath, I have spent my life-time figuring out how to be around those I love (and even those I don’t) without losing myself in the process. I have shared my tools with thousands of people, taught classes in the hundreds, but what I love most is seeing the relief in the eyes of fellow Empaths when they truly realise THEY HAVE THE POWER!

Thrive Today!
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