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30 Days to Thriving

One Question a Day to Discover YOUR Power!

Day 26

Have I accepted healing? 

Yesterday we worked on healing our emotions... and today we are bringing the focus into healing ourselves. Often, on a very deep and personal level, we need to heal.

Surprisingly, we often don't realize it is healing we need. Especially if you are Christian, you may think that what you need is to repent and receive forgiveness. You have felt the relief from previous occasions when you have done so, but for whatever reason it isn't working no matter how hard you try.

When that happens, it is usually because repentance isn't what you need, it is healing. Especially with abuse, because abusers will make you think you did something wrong, so you try to repent for it.

God, Light, Universe, all of Creation cannot lie. They will not lie and tell you that you are forgiven when you haven't done anything wrong. (To be clear, you can certainly repent for negative emotions and feelings brought up by the abuse, but the actual abuse wasn't your sin to repent of.)

Instead, and just as freeing and relieving as repenting, God offers healing. This healing is just as powerful, but you must accept it.

Go to the Log-book and walk through the steps to receiving healing! 

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