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When someone else's bad day becomes yours... you could be an Empath!

How to feel at confident and caring around that suffocating friend, even if you aren’t good at setting boundaries!

  • Learn about the different kinds of Empaths and what tools each one needs to thrive!

  • 5 Easy Steps to Protecting Your Space, it only takes 15 minutes the first time!

  • Learn about how your brain works, and why other techniques haven't worked for you before!

  • Explore the different areas of an Empath's life, and how to thrive in each one!

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One class will teach you how to use your intuition to custom-make a safe-haven around your personal space, even if shielding has never worked for you before!

Feel Peace Immediately

Breathe easily, knowing you are protected and can be around those you love!

Being an Empath can be a joy!

Take control of your gift so that you can have all the benefits, without experiencing the pains!

Target Your Unique Style

Discover how you work with your Sub-Conscious mind most effectively so the techniques actually work for you!

Know What To Do With Negativity of Others

Learn how to send the negativity away for healing, so it doesn't stick to you!