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My Creations

Helping You Thrive as an Empath, one step at a time!

Take your Shielding to the Next Level!

The Art of Shielding Online Course takes you step by step through learning to activate, communicate, and program your personal space, so that you can be confident in your own energy.

You can go from absorbing everyone's emotions, to confidently loving others and knowing their stuff is being healed... without you having to do a thing!

The beauty of this system is that it doesn't block you from others at all, but allows you to use your gifts to their fullest without harming yourself. 

Take back the control of your energy and personal space. Be free to walk among crowds, serve those who need you, and be at peace and whole at the same time!


Lifetime Access to the course

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Art of Shielding Add-Ons!

Only available if you purchase the course!

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Facebook Group

Daily Support

Q/A Posts

Supportive Community

Advanced Master Class

Learn how to Problem-Solve your Shield.

Step by Step instructional videos.

Insider's Secrets Class

Learn how to Shield your family & friends... and when not to!

Learn how to shield your home, pets, etc.

Personal Touch Group Mentoring

Monthly live coaching

Recordings Saved in Member's Area.

A walkthrough for each Connection Style, so you can create your shield every day!


Allow me to be the voice in your ear, reminding you how to protect your Personal Space... exactly how you need it!

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