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Do you find yourself wiped out after being around other people?

You might be an Empath, even if you have never "felt" someone else's emotions before!

In the Empathic Inventory, I give you a class on Protecting Your Personal Space!

In just 15 minutes, you can have this Ultimate Empath's Tool to thrive around others! 

You will also discover what kind of Empath you are, and the kinds of tools you should add to your inventory that will be the most effective for you!

Are you ready to Thrive as an Empath?

Join my Empathic Inventory FREE Membership to get access to Exclusive Insights, Classes, & Tips so that you can be around difficult people without feeling drained!

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About the author.

Chani Birkner

My parents helped me understand my sensitive nature as a child, and now I pass that insight to my children and anyone who will listen!

I am here to help you learn how to embrace the gift of Empathy while removing the curse, so you can thrive around those you love!

I believe everyone has the right to a rich and joy-filled life, even if you are an empath!